Mibirizi Hospital Day 2

373E93BB-C040-4DE4-91C5-222580308260A priest from the catholic seminary joined us for dinner on Monday and brought us some bananas. These are for cooking and wonderful Chantal did just that for our lunch today. Delicious and not at all like sweet bananas. She brings some food up to the hospital for us each day as our medical team can barely find time for a break!


A5894432-B3DD-4D5E-9FC2-0D361F4F69FBWhat a day! The team were in theatre for nearly 12 hours, completing 7 hernia repairs. Here you can see Catherine demonstrating the use of various checklists she would use in the UK before surgery. Staff are very keen to learn and most can understand English but Simon is translating where necessary and certainly for the patient.

C30784E8-4B9C-40DE-986B-47B1D5EDB572.jpegThese people have just arrived to visit their relatives. Food is not provided in hospitals and the majority could not afford to pay even if it was. Food is therefore brought by relatives , often via a 3 or 4 hour walk to feed their family member. These people are queuing to enter the hospital.


One of the benefits of short stay surgery is that patients do not need food for so many days. On our short trip this week we are providing food for our patients after their operation and in the morning before discharge. Our wonderful cook Chantal is doing that. More about that another day.

3BA95BB6-9B4A-43F7-A875-5E5DD7F353B6.jpegI, Lorna, also had the opportunity to visit the local secondary school. The children are away for a few days whilst exams are marked and reports written! The chemistry lab was pretty well equipped. No books apart from in the library. So everything gets copied from the blackboard. They seem to have an IB type system where children can choose a humanities , languages or science ( maths, biology and chemistry) programme. ( I think!)


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